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All the animals that we use for leather and hide have been used for human consumption. These are natural products where we believe in using the whole animal so nothing goes to waste. The hides are individual, like you. No two people are the same, therefore, no two animals are the same. Each hide and leather colour and hide varies. This is a part of the beauty and individuality of the leather. The style you are ordering online will be the style you get, however, the colour variances are unique to the item you purchase. Unless you have contacted us prior to your purchase to request individual photos of the item we cannot swap or return your item. 

Our clothing is made from a beautiful soft Rayon fabric. Rayon is a man-made fabric which is blended from cotton, wood pulp and other natural or synthetic fibres. 

Rayon is more absorbent than cotton and linen, making it the most absorbent plant-based fabric. Rayon is more breathable and comfortable to wear than synthetic fibres like polyester and acrylic. 

Rayon is only to be hand washed in cold water. A warm iron can be used, but the garment must never be put in the dryer.