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My name is Kate, the Perth-based designer behind each and every bag and garment you see with a Betty Brown label.
I've always had a love for fashion and the way it can make you feel. I love having outfits that can be worn day or night with a quick change of a shoe and removal of a shoulder strap on your handbag. Getting the most out of what you have is imperative.
So who is the real Betty Brown? My Nana! There was no one else like her. She loved a glass of sherry and could talk so fast and for so long that most times I had no idea what she was saying. Brutally honest and occasionally offensive, she was always immaculately dressed. Her eyebrows were penciled in daily – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good set of eyebrows? She never left the house without a vintage Oroton and I loved her more than words.
This business grew organically, with my first bag designs gracing the shoulders of friends and family. It was not until they started encouraging me to build my own brand that I bit the bullet in 2016, so to speak. I have since taken my bags all over the world, to the romantic avenues of Paris in spring, the twilight streets of London in summer, the heady buzz of New York City in autumn and the chilly snow of Reykjavík in winter. They are made to be worn. They are made to be loved. They are made for the everyday woman.
Since early 2021 I have been working on a range of versatile clothing. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and finally taken the plunge to design and create beautiful timeless pieces that can be worn more than one way. 
So thanks for visiting my store and I hope to see you one day walking the same streets as me, with your Betty Brown in tow.